IFFCO Paradeep Unit conducted Full Scale On-Site Mock Drill at its premises & the scenario was “ Ammonia Gas leakage during precooling process of Ammonia unloading pipeline from 4” pre-cooling line near column no. 10 of R-5 Conveyor due to 1″ inch hole.”

On dtd.27.01.2023 at about 16.00 Hrs. on the information received from the Ammonia Control room, the shift In-charge informed the sectional head of Off-Sites & Utility department & subsequently, it was informed to the Director (Unit Head) Sri K.J.Patel and it was declared as On-Site Emergency. At that time it was alerted through all surrounding areas through sirens. Based on the information received by the Unit Head, he immediately rushed to the Ammonia Site and saw the leakage of Ammonia mock drill. The due maintenance was taken up immediately by maintenance team headed by S. Muralikrishna, Sr.Manager and Sri G.K.Pal,JGM (PAP) Site Incident

Controller to arrest ammonia leakage and declared all cleared. IFFCO’s Fire & Safety department vacated the area and took all the precautionary measures and controlled the leakage by spraying water and providing water curtain. All Officials from mutual aid industries expressed their happiness the way IFFCO Fire & Safety team has efficiently handled in an emergent situation.

On this occasion Shri M. K. Panda Dy. Director of Factories & Boilers, Cuttack Division, Shri C. K. Dalai Asst. Director of Factories & Boilers, Paradeep Zone,Shri K.J.Patel Director (Unit Head) ,Shri S.D.Sharma,Sr.GM (Maint. & Uti) of IFFCO Paradeep Unit, Shri R.K. Pandey, GM (Prod., E&S), Sri R. K. Swain JGM (F&S),Shri Bhaskar Das Chief Coordinator (Fire Wing, Paradip Port Authority),Shri Sudhir Kumar DC,Fire CISF IOCL, Shri K.K.Pochiraju CM (F&S),IOCL, Shri Kartik Biswal Fire Officer Kujang Fire Station, Shri Sudhir Kumar DC Fire CISF IOCL, Shri Sumit Sr. Mgr (HSE),Shri S.K.Mani SI NDRF, Sukhbir Singh SI NDRF, Shri S.S,Mandal Inspector Fire, Shri P.K.Kar Safety Officer PPT, Shri Amitabh Murmu AM (LPG-Safety) IOCL,Shri Debendra Rout Sarapanch Nuagarh Gram Panchayat,Officers from mutual-aid industries were present during the drill. All the senior officials along with Fire & Safety officers with fire crew and other Safety Officers were also present during the mock drill.

All key personnel gave their valuable observations / suggestions as well as took part in post mock drill discussions in detailed with the key personnel at the Conference Hall of Technical Building.

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