Vote for Drinking Water: Nalipur Gram Panchayat

Balichandrapur : Hot drinking water problem with unbearable heat in summer, wells have dried up in every house. It is not found before drinking water after bathing. One has to go to Birupa river for bathing and 4 kilometers to drink water. People are saving drinking water by filling barrels on bicycles and motorcycles. Only water is being distributed through tanks on the side of the retreat, which is not fit for drinking. Even though this situation has been going on for many years, no success has been achieved. Therefore, today the people of Nalipur Gram Panchayat under Ladachana block have taken extreme measures and decided to vote in the current general elections. Today, hundreds of people of the minority community of 8 wards of Pachayat gathered together and responded in front of the media as a protest. According to the complaints received from the public, thousands of people of Nalipur Panchayat and Charinangal Panchayat living in the middle of Pattamundi Canal Charinangal from National Highway No. 53 have been facing drainage problems. For this, they complained repeatedly from the politicians to the administration, but there was no permanent remedy. Under the watchful eye of Panchayatar Naseemuddin Khao (Kalo) hundreds of villagers including Sec Nooruz Jama, Zaheer Khao, Sabnam Parveen, Aleem Khao, Sec Abu Taher, Sec Ayasuddin, Sec Abdul Ranak, Sec Manzoor Alli, Sarjuddin Khao, Alema Khatun brought their grievances and got a permanent solution. The administration has drawn attention to demand for He warned that if the administration does not promise to solve the problem, then they will take an agitational approach to vote in the current general elections. Ladchana BDO Rabindranath Pradhan was contacted about the incident but it was not possible.

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