10 Odia Battlefield Heroes honored in Historic Navy Day Celebration

Bhubaneswar, 04/12 – In a groundbreaking event marking Navy Week celebrations, the Veterans Club Odisha (VCO) carved its place in history by paying tribute to the indomitable courage of Odia warriors served in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. The felicitation ceremony, a first-of-its-kind in Odisha, unfolded on 3rd December at Amrapalli Resort in Fulankhara, Kurang Sasan in the presence of Major General S D Mohanty, CMDE Lalit Agarwal and many other distinguished Defence Veterans.

VCO bestowed honors upon 10 distinguished Odia individuals, recipients of prestigious awards like Vir Chakra, Shaurya Chakra, Sena Medal, Nausena Medal, and Vayusena Medal. These accolades celebrated their supreme sacrifices and valour in service to the nation. The families of posthumous awardees were also accorded recognition, acknowledging their enduring sacrifice.

The distinguished presence of Commodore NP Pradeep, VSMr Naval Officer-In-Charge Odisha, as the Chief Guest added a significant dimension to the ceremony. Each honoree received felicitation from Commodore Pradeep, accompanied by the reading of their citations. This highlighted the diverse and impactful contributions of Odia servicemen across the armed forces.

Beyond the felicitation ceremony, the event aimed to bridge generational gaps by providing students from schools and colleges with a unique opportunity to participate in a quiz and interact with these real-life heroes. The initiative sought to instill a deep sense of patriotism and respect for the armed forces in the younger generation.

The Veterans Club Odisha orchestrated this historic celebration not only to applaud the extraordinary service of Odia heroes but also to strengthen the bond between the armed forces and the community. The grand felicitation ceremony at Amrapalli Resort infused a patriotic spirit, creating an indelible experience for all attendees. As the echoes of Navy Day resonate, the Veterans Club Odisha’s initiative stands •as evidence to the profound connection between the armed forces and the people they tirelessly protect. This event will be remembered as a milestone in honoring and cherishing the valiant Odia warriors who have selflessly dedicated their lives to the service of the nation.

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