AAO NXT secures pitching hand with Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF)

The initiative emphasises on recognising right acquisition with unique contents

Kolkata, 28 February, 2023: AAONXT, Odisha’s first independent OTT platform joined hands with Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF), founded by veteran filmmaker Susant Mishra along with several distinguished and eminent film directors, technical professionals from FTII, SFTI, BFTI etc, to acknowledge several talented storytellers and unique contents. The festival was celebrated from 21st to 25th February and showcased works of budding filmmakers from other art fields. The festival witnessed esteemed presence of several filmmakers, Sushant Mishra, Shyamal Karmakar, Kimalika, Anu Chaudhary, Swastik Choudhury, Amartya Bhattacharya, Anupam Patnaik, Abhishek Swain, Ranajit Mohanty, Ram Patnaik and many more from India and abroad. The occasion was held on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Puri.

The event marked ‘Pitch Your Story Idea Session’ an unique pitching sessions with the filmmakers and storytellers present at the event collectively organised by the partners. The selected films would be reviewed by AAO NXT with the goal of identifying potential acquisition or development avenues. The one-to-one physical pitch session, assisted aspiring filmmakers, directors, and screenwriters to inculcate valuable insights from the AAONXT team. The event ensemble a gathering of eminent directors, editors, DOPs, producers, actors, and many alumni of SRFTI, BPFTIO, and other film institutions. AAO NXT’s popular films like Dhyamna (Bengali), Peta Dochcho (Galo), Adieu Godard (Odia), Josef (Hindi), FOUR (Odia), Anthony (Odia), Pratikshya (Odia), Gandu (Bengali), The Last Fairy Tale (Bengali) were screened at the occasion.

Commenting on the occasion, Kaushik Das, Founder & CEO, AAO NXT, said, “There are several talents around the globe who do not get an opportunity to be placed at the right platform. This initiative with BYOFF would bridge the gap and provide more unique contents to help directors, filmmakers and storytellers get recognised along with AAO NXT”.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sushant Mishra, Founder of BYOFF, said, “It is an immense honour for us to collaborate with the most exclusive platform based in Odisha. We are expecting more unique pitches and content from the huge talent pool. We would like to invite more such storytellers to be a part of this initiative and get recognised in the international platforms.”

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