An Unique Identiy of Devasthan

Harishankar: Harishankar/ Khaprakhol/ Balangir/ Bhubaneswar/ Delhi: Devasthan Lord Harishankar Temple of Harishankar of Khaprakhol Block of Patanagarh Subdivision under Balangir District & it is only 85 Kms from Balangir Town.It is also nearest to Harishankar Road Railway Station & it is only 32Kms distances from the Railway Station to the Harishankar Temple & regular Taxis are available from this Railway Station.Sri Sri Harishankar Devasthan is a Temple on the slopes of Gandhamardan Hills of Balangir District of Odisha, India.

It is belived that one can refrain from all his Sins with having a bath in the stream & worship the Lord Harishankar for which the devotees from various part of the Country come here to fulfill their wishes.Harishankar Temple was constructed by the Chauhan Rulers during 12th Century AD.The deity of Harishankar was discovered by a Chauhan dynasty King of Patana Kingdom of Odisha.From that time , the deity has been worshipped. A dancing Ganesha Image has been found which can be traced to the early 12th Century . The Temple was constructed by the order of then Queen Durlabha Devi of Maharaja Vaijjal Dev Chauhan.Festivals & Worships or Puja like all Ekadashi, Sankranti, Shivratri, Makar Sankranti & big Festival Maagha Mela.

For devotees & Visitors , now one well furnished Mission Shakti Restaurant & Lodge has been opened here. Once, if one will come here , he can enjoy the beautifull Green Environment , taking bath in the sacred & meditational fountain as well as blessing of Lord Harishankar will get.Let us have a visit to Harishankar & one can see the at a glance of Harishankar.

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