Bangaluru Infrastructure Collapse Amid Floods Triggers BJP-Cong Blame Game

Bengaluru: A blame game between the ruling BJP and Congress has begun in Karnataka over the recent collapse of infrastructure in this IT capital owing to floods triggered by heavy rainfall.

Hitting out at the ruling BJP, the Congress accused it of destroying the brand image of Bengaluru it had built over the years.

“We are not interested in playing politics. We are interested in keeping the image of Bengaluru and its glory intact. The Congress party from the past several years has built Bengaluru. The city has been recognised all over the world, D.K Shivakumar, President of Karnataka Congress stated on Tuesday.

Under the BJP rule, the Bengaluru brand has been demolished. Thirty-nine per cent of taxpayers of the country are from Bengaluru. The city has the highest tax payers. “Can’t they (BJP) ensure safety for them? I am assuring people of Karnataka, especially residents of Bengaluru that we have a vision.

“I am coming out with documents in this regard. We will clean Bengaluru and we will see that Bengaluru is safe for every investor,” he stated.

Shivakumar further stated: “They have been in power for the last three-and-a-half years and could have delivered. Rectified mistakes of the Congress. Who stopped them from taking action? Even now, no one is stopping them.”

“Please show me some action, except for Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai busy visiting flood-hit areas and showing his face, there is no action. He does not have the trust of the people. He does not have a vision for Bengaluru and Karnataka. He wants only taxpayers’ money which comes from Bengaluru,” Shivakumar says.

Karnataka Congress party does not want to mix politics in this situation. “We want good governance and want them to help people whether it is traffic, storm water drain and other issues. It is the Congress government which organised the Global Investors’ Meet. “We will take it forward. BJP can’t just deliver, they are not bothered about it and they are only interested in polarisation. They are blaming others,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, under pressure following the flood situation, said, several residential localities in Bengaluru had to face flood-like situation due to ‘unplanned’ and ‘misrule’ of the previous Congress Government in Karnataka.

Talking to reporters at his R.T.Nagar residence here on Tuesday, he said the previous government recklessly gave permission to build houses, apartments in tanks, tank bund and in the buffer zones. The Congress was solely responsible for the present day situation.

The CM said the previous Congress government never thought about the management of tanks. But the incumbent government has taken it as a challenge and released Rs 1,500 crore towards the construction of the much-needed Rajakaluve. On Monday, encroachments worth Rs 300 crore had been removed.

Instructions are given that the construction quality of Rajakaluve must be good. A system will be made to ensure that there would be no problems for the free flow of water. At the same time, encroachment will not be allowed, he stated.


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