BJP’s massive youth rally at Santaragadia

Nilagiri : The outcome of the election has already been decided. His greatest influence has been observed in Nilgiris. It is no exaggeration to say that the two traditional rivals, Bijedi of the local party and BJP’s candidate of the national party, have started fighting. Yesterday, Bijedi held a youth rally in Panchalingeswar, today BJP, in Santaragadia, more than 6 thousand.
It has been seen that a huge youth gathering has been held with the youth. To join the said gathering, on 11th of this morning, Central Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnab and MP candidate Pratap Chandra Shadangi reached the Nilgiri bus stand. There, a large number of youth BJP workers, MLA candidate Satish Kumar Khatua, gave a warm welcome to both of them, followed by over 1,000, a motorcycle rally to Santaragadia. Seeing the huge youth gathering there, at the opportunity to address them, the Union Minister of Railways, Mr. Vaishnav said, “It is clear from this huge youth gathering that the Nilgiri youth have a lot of respect and trust in Pratap Nana and Satya Bhai. For this respect and trust, Pratap Nana will be given a Padma on June 1st. Called the thousands of young men and women present and all the workers and workers of the BJP to win the flower and satisfaction brother in a single padma flower sign. In the meeting organized for this purpose, MP candidate Mr. Shadangi and MLA candidate Mr. Khatua, in their respective speeches, appealed to both of them to win the Padma award and to pull the hand of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is spying at the Centre. In the meeting held at the said youth gathering, among others, BJP Central Coordinator Bhairav Sharma, Panchalingeswar Mandal President Balaram Vishwala, District Council Member Usharani Raul, Kandgardi Sarpanch Rajendra Raut, Ishwarpur Sarpanch Sadhana Malik, D.N. A number of senior leaders and workers, including Pur Samiti member Padmaja Kanungo, Nilgiri Constituency Coordinator Karunakar Panda and Constituency Warden Kamal Lochan Mohanty, were present and assisted in conducting the conference.

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