Breakthrough Surgery: KIMS Team Successfully Removes 2 Kg Diaphragmatic Tumour Without Opening Chest

Bhubaneswar, April 26: A team of medical professionals led by Senior Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Sabyasachi Parida, achieved a remarkable feat at the KIMS Cancer Center. They successfully operated on a young man with an unusually large left-sided massive 2 kg diaphragmatic tumour, marking a significant milestone in surgical oncology.

The diaphragm, a crucial muscular partition separating the chest from the abdomen, underwent meticulous surgery for the massive tumour, which measured approximately 24×17 cm and weighed over 2 kg. This exceptional case, where the tumour hindered the individual’s ability to consume solid food, presented unique challenges.

Traditionally, accessing such tumours requires invasive procedures, including opening both the abdomen and chest, often causing considerable discomfort for patients. However, Dr. Parida’s innovative approach avoided the need for a chest incision or a chest drain, significantly reducing postoperative pain and enhancing the patient’s recovery process.

The surgical team, consisting of Dr. Monika Dabgotra, Consultant Anaesthetist; Mr. Bibhas Prasad Barik, OT Technician; Mrs. Kalpana Ojha, Senior OT Sister; Mikina Pradhan, Senior OT Support staff; along with Nursing Officers and other dedicated staff, demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the six-hour procedure.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and modern modular operating theatres at the KIMS Cancer Center, the team executed a meticulous dissection, ensuring the safety and well-being of the patient. Remarkably, the surgery concluded without intraoperative complications or the need for blood transfusion.

Following the successful excision of the tumour, measuring more than 2 kg, the team reconstructed the large diaphragmatic defect. The patient, who woke up comfortably on the operating table, recovered swiftly without the need for intensive care or respiratory support.

Dr. Parida emphasized, “This surgery underscores our commitment to innovative and patient-centered care. By leveraging advanced techniques and collaborative expertise, we can tackle even the most challenging cases with precision and compassion.”

KIMS Cancer Center, renowned for its comprehensive cancer management facilities and over a decade of experience in complex cancer surgeries, continues to be the preferred choice for cancer patients and caregivers. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled medical team, KIMS remains at the forefront of medical excellence.

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