C-20 to Kick off At KIIT from April 22

Bhubaneswar, April 20: KIIT DU is hosting the Civil 20 (C-20) under the G20 framework on April 22 and 23. More than 400 delegates from India and abroad will attend the event.

C-20 is the official Engagement Group of the G20 aiming to ensure that civil society considerations, including Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), NGOs, and non-profits, are mainstreamed into G20 discussions and translated into the G20 Leaders’ Declaration as policies and commitments.

C-20 will address several priority areas organized in different Working Groups. One of these Working Groups, which KIIT has been entrusted to coordinate, focuses on “Gender Equality and Disability” (GED).

This year’s theme of the G20 is “VasudhaivaKutumbakam,” an ancient Sanskrit phrase meaning “One Earth, One Family, One Future.”

The participants include Members of the GED WG Advisory Board, Local CSOs, National and international CSOs, Government representatives, International Delegations, Members from other Engagement Groups, Members from other Working Groups, Team Members of the GED WG and Additional observers are expected to join the event, informed the Founder of KIIT and KISS Dr. AchyutaSamanta.

The Gender Equality and Disability (GED) Working Group is committed to holistically examining and addressing the multifaceted dimensions of inequalities and disadvantages experienced by the genders and those with physical and/or mental disabilities (regardless of gender). In doing so, the GED Working Group intends to reinforce an approach to equality and development through an understanding where mutual respect and compassion are to be at the core of global governance for societies and the planet to flourish sustainably.

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