‘Congress tied the hands of Javanese, we freed them’

New Delhi, prabahatv : Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again attacked the Congress in the election rally. Modi said that nothing is bigger than the country for BJP, but family is everything for Congress. The Prime Minister said this while campaigning in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena parliamentary constituency.
He said, the policy of the Congress is to keep the person who will contribute the most for the country, work hard and be dedicated to the country behind everyone. For this reason, the Congress did not allow to fulfill the necessity of the army personnel like ‘one rank one pension’ for years.
As soon as the BJP government was formed, it implemented ‘One Rank One Pension’. We are concerned about the welfare of army personnel deployed at the border. We are releasing the soldiers whose hands were tied by the Congress. In our opinion, there should be 10 in response to one shooting.
He further said, Congress is a big problem against development. Congress has illegally made Muslims OBC in Karnataka. Congress has declared all Muslims as OBC by making them sign a paper overnight. Earlier, OBCs enjoyed reservation in education and government jobs. But the Congress has increased the number of Muslims in it. There should be no reservation on the basis of religion.

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