DAV Vedanta Lanjigarh Students Shine with Exceptional Results in CBSE Exams 2023

Lanjigarh, 19th May 2023: Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh, the leading producer of metallurgical grade alumina in India, proudly announced the outstanding achievements of students at DAV Vedanta International School, a prestigious educational institution under its stewardship. Remarkably, all students in both the Senior Secondary and Higher Secondary levels achieved a 100% pass rate, with exceptional performance in the 1st Division.Since being established in Kalahandi district, the school has been dedicated to delivering quality education through the CBSE curriculum, earning its reputation as a premier institute in the region.

Vedanta’s Lanjigarh unit established the pioneering DAV Vedanta International School in 2006, as the first English medium school in Kalahandi.This institution, equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and advanced facilities such as smart classrooms, modern computer labs, science and maths labs, multimedia room, and a well-stocked library, caters to the educational needs of approximately 1200 students. Most of the students hail from local communities. The scholastic curriculum in place at the school helps ignite their curiosity and passion for learning, helping the institution become a landmark for quality education in the region and contributing to the rise in literacy levels in Kalahandi from 38.4% in 2001 to 50.9% in 2011.

Noteworthy achievements include Saubhagya Nayak from class 10th, securing the highest score of 97% among DAV Vedanta students, closely followed by Prativa Naik with 96.80% and Amrin Banu with 95.40%. At the Higher Secondary Level, Himanshu Singh attained the highest score of 92.60% closely followed by Dibyashree Gajibilli with 89.80%, Aryan Hota with 89%, and Sriman Pradhan with 89%.

Praising the exceptional performance of the students, Mr GG Pal, Dy. CEO – Alumina Business, Vedanta Limited, said, “On behalf of the Vedanta Aluminium family, I extend heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding students at DAV Vedanta International School and wish them success in their future endeavors. The consistent excellence displayed by the school in board exams year after year is a testament to the positive impact of our education initiatives in the community. I commend the dedication and support of Mr. Sadananda Hotta, the school principal, the teachers, staff, and parents, who have contributed to making this institution one of the finest in the region. At Vedanta Lanjigarh, we will continue our efforts to enhance the educational standards in the community, as education remains the key to fostering transformative growth and socio-economic development.”

Mr Sadananda Hota, Principal, DAV Vedanta International School,commented “It is with immense pride and joy that we celebrate the exemplary achievements of our students in the CBSE board exams. The remarkable results attained by the students of DAV Vedanta Lanjigarh truly reflect the exceptional dedication and hard work of students and their parents. These achievements are a testament to the nurturing environment and holistic education provided at DAV Vedanta. I would also like to express my deepest appreciation to the dedicated teachers and staff who have played a pivotal role in shaping the students’ success. As we witness the bright future ahead for these young individuals, we remain committed to fostering excellence and empowering every student at DAV Vedanta International School.”

Vedanta Lanjigarh has remained dedicated to enhancing the school’s infrastructure, ensuring that students are able to learn in a nurturing and comprehensive environment. Recognizing the challenges posed by the remote location and the absence of formal educational facilities in the region, the school is committed to providing affordable education, enabling children from nearby villages to access quality education in English. In addition, through its Nand Ghar program, Vedanta Aluminium operates over 130 modern anganwadis in Kalahandi. These state-of-the-art facilities prioritize the well-being of children under the age of six by ensuring they receive proper education and nutrition. This initiative reflects Vedanta Aluminium’s unwavering commitment to empowering young minds and creating a positive impact on the early stages of children’s development.

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