Dharmendra is not answering the question directly, Bauli is putting Bachaskar

Where did the light tank go?
Jayanarayan appoints out-of-state municipal chairman on fake affidavit
Naveen will take oath as Chief Minister for the sixth time on June 9.

Sambalpur – The Biju Janata Dal again criticized the Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan for not getting the answers to the questions asked by the BJJ. BJJ questioned what Dharmendra has done for the Orthodox people, who often speak of Orthodoxy Asmita. But BJJ spokesperson Dr. Lenin Mohanty said, “Dharmendra is talking about various things without directly answering the question. Elections will come and go, Lenin said in a press message. But people will accept leaders who try to solve people’s problems on people’s issues. When we asked Dharmendra Pradhan , who has been repeatedly questioning about Odia Asmita, what have you done for the people of Odia. Dharmendra Pradhan is disturbed and talking through his Bachaskar. Lenin Mohanty and Sambalpur Assembly Constituency Coordinator Siddharth Das surrounded Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on other issues, saying that they are waiting for him to answer our questions.
Dr. met the media representative in the local panth residence. Lenin Mohanty said that less than a week ago, we asked Dharmendra Pradhan some questions. If he has passed away. After taking charge of IOCCL, he has hired many young women and girls. How much CSR fund was given to Odisha when he was the Union Petroleum Minister. Bihar and Madhya Pradesh have been crossed over to Odisha. Similarly, Dharmendra Pradhan said that there will be a railway line from Reshakhol to Gopalpur. What is his answer to that? In the last election, Dharmendra Pradhan showed the people of Deogarh a daydream that he would have a logistics hub in Deogarh, where did it go? MP fund looted in Barkot. Who will answer the loot that was stolen in the Yuyumura case? Dharmendra Pradhan did not really have the courage to respond to that incident. If yes, then answer our question Dr. Dharmendra Pradhan. Lenin has called Mohanty. Telephone network connection could not be reached in Purapally. We know very well that he cannot answer our questions. He said that he only lies and that’s why we gave him the title of Super Mijadi. Similarly, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pramod Rath held a press conference and answered the questions asked by him. Pramod Rath called Mission Shakti a central plan. On the contrary, Jayanarayan says that it is the plan of the state. First let them be clear about whose plan this is. Dharmendra Pradhan is unable to tolerate the development of women and is making repeated efforts to stop it. Similarly, Siddharth Das spoke on the High Court bench issue. When there was a movement for the High Court, the Chief Minister repeatedly wrote letters to the Central Government after learning about it. When the Hon’ble Supreme Court made a remark on this we have to stay within the limits of that remark. The Hon’ble Chief Minister wants High Court benches to be set up in various parts of the West. For this we are seeking the cooperation of the Centre. But the opposition said that they are trying to take advantage of it by making it an election issue. High court bench issue is raised only during elections. But after the election it is given again. Similarly, in response to a question about Pranab Prakash’s educational qualification, he said first, ask Jayanarayan Babu how many times he has changed his educational qualification by giving fake affidavits. During the municipal elections, they brought people from outside the state and gave them fake affidavits and put them in cars. Not only in Sambalpur but also in Burla NAC, everyone knows about his miracle. It is his nature to divert the matter from the main issue. You all know that there is a fight between a warrior and a courtier in Sambalpur. The courtier has moved to Bihar and Madhya Pradesh after not finding a place for politics in Odisha. Dharmendra Pradhan Central Education Minister raising questions on Odisha’s education system has set up several central schools. With the efforts of the state government, efforts are being made to establish medical colleges in every district. Many district medical colleges have been started. They have gone to court against all the projects from Parikrama project to Samlei. We have done the project by winning the trust of the displaced people. After Naveen Patnaik became the Chief Minister in 2000, 14,000 crores was withheld annually. 3 lakh crore today. Therefore, before asking questions to the state government, Siddharth Das said that he should first examine himself. Answering the problem of rivers and drinking water. Lenin Mohanty said that the person who advocated for Chhattisgarh is now questioning the Mahanadi. During the time of Covid, the ride has been conducted with the permission of the Hon’ble Supreme Court as per the rules.

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