Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Das, a Pediatrician who brought pride and glory to India

In recently concluded 30th Cochrane Colloquium on 6th September 2023 at London, Dr Rashmi Ranjan Das working as Additional Professor in the Pediatrics Department of AIIMS Bhubaneswar has been bestowed with the prestigious “Kenneth Warren Prize” International Award. Dr Das got this award for his research work on the role of Vitamin D in Children with Pneumonia. Many vitamin supplements are rampantly used for different disease conditions including Pneumonia.

However, the research found that Vitamin D may not help children with Pneumonia. This Award is given each year by Cochrane Collaboration, which is the top most international agency for producing evidence based recommendations for treatment of various disease conditions. Dr Das is the first pediatrician of the country to receive this international award.
After receiving the award Dr Das has told our news agency that he will continue to do his research work for betterment of health of children of our country

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