Electricity Theft Uncovered at a Large Scale Stone Crusher Unit in KHURDA

Bhubaneswar, August 20, 2023: TPCODL always works towards safeguarding the rights of honest consumers by curbing electricity theft. In a startling turn of events, in the Khurda Electrical Division, TPCODL’s enforcement team has identified a case of electricity theft in a Stone Crusher Unit under Khurda No-4 Electrical Section. The unit in Khurda stands accused of illegally siphoning off a staggering 174 kW of power. These illicit activities were uncovered during a routine inspection by the TPCODL enforcement team, sending shockwaves through the local community and highlighting the pressing need to curb such unauthorized practices.

During a routine inspection carried out by the TPCODL enforcement team on Saturday within the Khurda Electrical Division, an anomaly in the electrical setup at a stone crusher unit caught the attention of the inspecting officers. During the course of the inspection, it was discovered that the CT Box chamber seals had been tampered with. The PT voltage wire of the Y-Phase of the metering circuit was deliberately disconnected, and the CT wires of the metering circuit for all phases were also deliberately left loose in contact. The total connected load found in the said Crusher industry is 174 kW, and this discrepancy could result in a loss of more than Rs. 0.67 Crore in revenue terms.

TPCODL is obligated to take action against the culprits involved in the theft of electricity in accordance with the Indian Electricity Act of 2003, which addresses “Pilferage of Electricity.” Under section 135 of this act, theft of electricity is a punishable offense, and repeat offenders may face imprisonment.

TPCODL frequently spreads awareness against such activities, as they are not only unethical but also very unsafe, posing a critical threat to users and the general public. People should not only refrain from power theft but also report such actions by sending a message to us on WhatsApp at 9437158670 or via email at enforcement@tpcentralodisha.com or by using the TPCODL Mitra app. Stringent action will be taken against violators.

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