Elephant terror in Kalampur forest ranger’s office area

Kalahandi : A tusked elephant has been terrorizing the Kalampur forest officer’s office area for 4 days. The people of the villages at the foot of the hills are terrified. In the evening, the people of the villages such as Mahobandha, Chharla, Ganjeiguda leave their doors and go to other places to spend the night. This elephant roams around in Devgiri Hills, Baiganguda Ghati, Valhu Ghati area. At night, the population is facing the destruction of vegetables and rice crops! It has been reported that a team of forest workers under the supervision of forester Prakash Mishra is continuing the work of driving away elephants. Forester Mr. Mishra said that an elephant has been roaming around the foothills for a few days, destroying some rice and vegetable crops. Arrangements have been made for the relief of the frightened villagers. He said that the work of driving away the elephants is continuing. Similarly, the forest department has estimated the damage on Thursday.

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