Empowering Through Education: Dr. Mona Lisa’s Journey Towards Inclusivity and Social Change

Prabaha News:The globe joins together to recognise International Women’s Day on March 8. Not only are women’s accomplishments celebrated but also gender discrimination is brought to light and women’s rights are promoted. We honour the extraordinary accomplishments of women who have had a significant influence in a variety of disciplines on this International Women’s Day. One such inspirational woman is Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson of KiiT International School and an Eduprenuer working for special needs children. Dr. Monalisa’s journey is a shining example of how an individual can make a significant difference in society through education and empathy.

Dr. Mona Lisa has not only pursued her academic goals but also used her education and experience to create positive change in the lives of others. Her efforts towards creating a school for children with special needs are particularly noteworthy, as they address a gap in the education system that is often overlooked. A significant incident changed her perspective on life. Zain, Dr. Monalisa’s friend Gargi’s elder son, passed away from a severe form of leukaemia when he was 15 years old. Reehan, her younger son, is now eighteen years old and is both amazing and autistic. Her challenges with Reehan’s upbringing enlightened her to the critical necessity for special children to be raised in an environment of empathy with qualified instructors as mentors. The KiiT SENGlobe initiative is a remarkable example of how education can be made more inclusive and accessible for all. By providing essential skills and mainstreaming opportunities for children with special needs, she has created a safe and respectful environment for them to learn and grow. Her initiative is a testimony to the fact that with the right attitude and approach, we can create a world where education is given without any biases.

Dr. Monalisa’s Inspiron program is yet another testament to her commitment to giving back to society. Through this program, she has provided potable water, access to technology, and awareness of healthcare and hygiene for women and girl children in nearby villages. Her efforts have facilitated a better quality of life for those who are less privileged, thus exemplifying the power of education to uplift communities and bring about social change.

In conclusion, Dr. Monalisa’s journey is an inspiration for all those who believe in the transformative power of education. Her commitment to making education more inclusive, accessible, and empowering for all is an excellent example of how we can make a difference in society. By providing essential skills, empathy, and respect for local culture and traditions, we can create a world where education is given without any bias and everyone can realise their full potential.

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