Filing nominations in a procession

Congress MLA candidate Byan Ranjan Patnaik

Pipili – Pipili Congress MLA candidate Byan Ranjan Patnaik went to file his nomination in a procession. Wearing dhoti clothes and covering his head with a rug, Wishan Ranjan went out to fill his nominations in full farmer’s attire. Along with senior Congress leader and District Vice President Guninidhi Pradhan, he left for Puri with hundreds of well-wishers from Delang Hat Bazar. And when he reached the Puri District Collector’s office, he submitted his nomination papers to Congress MLA candidate Wisyan Ranjan Patnaik. However, in order to win the hearts of the farmers, this nomination procession was observed completely differently from the nomination procession of all the candidates who came out from Pipili, while more than thirty tractors were included in this nomination procession.

Along with more than two thousand supporters in the procession, Jyan Ranjan went to fill the nomination in full farmer’s clothing. With this message, Jyan Patnaik said that the country will move forward if agriculture and farmers improve. While saying that the Congress MLA candidate will work on the problems of agriculture and farmers in the region, unemployment, exorbitant price hike, development of Pipili Chandua industry, he appealed to the common people of Uttar Pradesh to bless him.

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