Identify Gifted Children, Nurture Them Early On; Says Eminent Physicist R Chidambaram

Dr. R.Chidambaram hails KiiT International School as among top schools in East India

Bhubaneswar, July 2: The 16th Foundation Day of KIIT International School was celebrated here on Saturday with the presence of President KIIT & KISS Smt Saswati Bal, Founder KIIT Group of Institutions Dr Achyuta Samanta, Chancellor KISS DU. Satya S. Tripathi, Chairperson KiiT International School Dr Mona Lisa Bal, Principal KiiT International School Dr. Sanjay Suar &  distinguished nuclear scientist Dr R Chidambaram who emphasized the need to identify gifted children from an early age and nurture their talents. 

Addressing students and teachers, the Padma Vibhushan recipient and a key architect of the county’s nuclear programme, Dr R.Chidambaram referred to the mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan who topped the class until standard XI but thereafter lost interest in all subjects but Mathematics. He said that the focus should be on mentoring such talents as there are outstanding potentials in all socio-economic groups in the country.

Dr Chidambaram devoted a greater part of his speech to the developments in science and technology, especially nuclear science, India’s achievement in this field and shared his thoughts about the 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests. Students, he said, should be aware that the nuclear programme not only enhances national security but also brings benefits to areas such as agriculture and medicine. 

He dreamt of an India which is economically developed, scientifically advanced and militarily strong.

 KiiT International School, he said, is one of the best international schools in Odisha and is counted among the top schools in East India with emphasis not merely on academic progress but also overall mental, emotional and personality development of the child. 

Founder of the KIIT Group of Institutions, Dr Achyuta Samanta hailed the academic progress of the school and credited both the parents and the teachers for the good values imbibed in students such as discipline and character building. 

His message to the students was to be good to themselves for their own development. “Try to be good to yourself. Then everything will be good for you. You will one day become a great person like Dr Chidambaram,” the Founder said.

Chancellor of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) Satya S Tripathi recalled his formative years as a kid in the Ravenshaw Collegiate School, Cuttack as he talked about the pivotal role that a school plays in the growth and holistic development of a child.

He said that students should always have an open mind and inculcate a spirit of enquiry. Teachers as well should be kind to students who come with different IQs. 

The ex-diplomat, who has held several key positions in India and abroad, including at the United Nations, opined that student should have small plans and make the best of it. “Every time, you have the little opportunity, make the best use of it. Each one of you is brilliant. Find your own brilliance,” he said.

He felt that citizens have been “irresponsible” to climate change and that students need to engage more and more on it as the issue is challenging enough to threaten our existence. 

Chairperson KiiT International School Dr Mona Lisa Bal,gave example to today’s millennials who feel entitled and are self-obsessed, engage in social media mindlessly and over-stressing their life as it appears on social media. 

Inspired everyone to analyse their respective locus of control to focus on their targets instead of getting dissuaded.

Dr. Sanjay Suar, Principal addressed the challenges and the achievements of the School. The school’s commitment to quality education, its successful digital learning experience during the pandemic and its grand comeback nationally and internationally were highlighted, finding resonance in the members of the audience. The observers were enthralled by the soulful rendition of the songs. The Investiture Ceremony was resplendent and solemn .

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