IFA Pills to Class 1st to 12th Students

Bhubaneswar (Prabah News): Teachers and students will distribute iron and folic acid pills to the students during the dry season. Anemia Free Target Abhiyan (AMLAN) has taken such steps to make the state anemia free. The aim is to distribute ISA tablets before the opening of schools.
The pills will be distributed to the students of classes 1 to 12. A letter has been sent to all district education officers from the school and public education department. It will be distributed in government and government aided schools. IF (pink) pill will be given for class 1st to fifth class and IFA (blue) pill for class 6th to 12th class.
Expiration date will be monitored in the presence of guardians. Parents will be informed about the efficacy before giving the pill. It will be given on Monday of every week of summer holidays. Children should take the pill after breakfast or dinner. The school management committee will supervise the distribution of IA pills if necessary. All the information about the drugs distributed during the holidays will be submitted. Block Education Officers will be in charge of this.

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