Jindal Stainless invests over 120 crores to install rooftop solar plants at its Jajpur and Hisar units

Jajpur,6th March 2023: Furthering its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, Jindal Stainless plans to install two rooftop solar plants of 21 Megawatt Peak (MWp) capacity and 6 MWp capacity at its Jajpur and Hisar units respectively. The roofs of various shop-floors at both unitshave been identified to install these rooftop solar plants with an overall investment of more than INR 120 crores. Both projects are scheduled to be completed by March 2024.

The two rooftop solar plants will be generating about 795 million units of electricity, with a carbon abatement potential of 5, 64, 450 tonnes in its life span of 25 years.In addition to the environmental benefits, these rooftop solar plants will also save 108 acres of land that would have been used if the plant was located on the ground.

Commenting on this development, Managing Director, Jindal Stainless, Abhyuday Jindal, said “This is an importantstep towards achieving our Net Zero target. Solar rooftop plants are a great alternate source of energy in a tropical country like ours. Jindal Stainless is known across the globe for its product stewardship. Our aim is to make sure that our growth stems from finest sustainable practices that revolve around social upliftment, good governance, decarbonisation, waste management, and digitalization.”

Jindal Stainless’ Hisar unit has already commissioned rooftop solar projects of 4.1 MWp which is capable of generating 110.7 million units of electricity and reducing 78597 tonnes of CO2. The company is taking significant strides towards achieving its Net Zero carbon emissions by implementing sustainable initiatives and adopting renewable energy solutions. From introducing a senior position of Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) to becoming India’s first stainless steel company to install a Green Hydrogen Plant at Hisar, Jindal Stainless is dedicated to helping India attain its reduced carbon footprint target. The company successfully reduced its carbon emissions by 1.4 lakh tonnes in FY22. Recently, it also signed a contract with ReNew Power to develop a utility scale captive renewable energy project for its plant in Jajpur. This project will generate 700 million units per year using a combination of solar and wind power generation technologies. 

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