MCL organises workshop on cyber security

Sambalpur, October 5, 2023: A one-day-workshop on Cyber Security Awareness was organised, as a part of the Cyber Jagrookta Month, to familiarize MCL employees on significance of cyber security.

The workshop was inaugurated by Shri OP Singh, CMD, in the presence of Shri Keshav Rao, Director(Personnel), Shri PK Patel, Chief Vigilance Officer, Shri JK Borah, Director (Technical/Operation), Shri AK Behura, Director(Finance), Shri AK Bapat, Director(Tech./ P&P) & senior officers. Faculty from the Engineering Staff College of India Hyderabad, were the resource persons at the workshop.

MCL has proactively implemented various practices concerning cyber security and cyber awareness, including installation of Next Generation Firewall and threat identification, as instructed by the National Cyber Coordination Centre, CERT.

MCL also released a handbook on Dos and Don’ts for everyday office tasks in cyber space.

Workshop raised awareness about the importance of cyber security for organisations and individuals alike.

Meanwhile, the dignitaries also released a souvenir comprising contributory expert articles on cyber security and its importance.


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