MCL to improve coal grade conformity

Sambalpur, August 23, 2022: With an aim to improve coal grade conformity, Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) organized a coordination meeting at company headquarters in Sambalpur. The meeting was chaired by Sri R. K. Raju General Manager (Quality Control), MCL which was attended by the Quality managers of all coal producing Areas of MCL.

            The Quality control team of MCL discussed various issues like improving conformity of coal grade, despatch of 100% sized coal, grade reconciliation and issue of debit/ credit notes to consumers.

            Officials engaged in quality control were also felicitated by the General Manager (Quality Control) for their exceptional contribution in ensuring quality of coal.

            The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Shri N K Parashar, Sr. Manager, QC Dept., MCL.

            MCL, a leading coal producing company in the country recently bagged first prize in Quality at Coal Minister’s Awards 2021-22.  Previously on the occasion of Coal India Foundation Day 2021, MCL was also awarded first prize for excellence in Coal Quality Assurance and Quality Awareness.

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