Naveen Jindal’s Outstanding Performance leads his team to triumph the Jindal Panther Cup Final

Noida, 22:10:2023– The grand finale of the highly anticipated Jindal Panther Cup unfolded at the prestigious Jindal Polo Ground, Noida showcasing a riveting clash between the Jindal Panther and Delta Polo teams.

In a display of polo prowess, this exhilarating match featured some of the nation’s finest players, with Arjuna Awardees Simran Shergill representing Jindal Panther and Samir Suhag donning the colors of Delta Polo. The crowd was treated to a dazzling spectacle as both teams exhibited exceptional techniques and skills throughout the game.

The star of the evening, Naveen Jindal, delivered a scintillating performance, netting an impressive two goals, thereby spearheading the Jindal Panther team to a resounding victory by 8 goals against 5.5 by Delta Polo. The match solidifies Naveen Jindal’s legacy as a formidable force in the sport and elevating Jindal Panther to new heights in the Jindal Panther Cup.

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