Odisha: Meat Prices Skyrocket As Crowds Throng Non-Veg Markets In Chhadakhai Fervour

Cuttack: With Kartik Purnima coming to an end, prices of non-veg items shot through the roof as crowds thronged meat markets on the occasion of Chhadakhai festival celebrated across Odisha after the holy month. In Cuttack district, locals made a beeline for the meat markets to buy mutton, fish, seafood and chicken, not giving a care for the skyrocketing rates. The markets were bustling with people since early morning as customers were eager to find good quality meat and fish before the supplies were exhausted.

Sources said fish was in for a greater demand followed by chicken and mutton. Fish sold at prices starting from Rs 200 a kg while prawns sold at rates from Rs 500 per kilo. Country chicken sold for Rs 400 a kg while broiler sold at Rs 220. Mutton prices were as high as Rs 700 onwards. However, the high prices did not dampen the spirits of the customers and the business remained unaffected.

In the Capital city of Bhubaneswar, the rate chart (per kilo) was as follows:

Mutton -Rs 800

Desi chicken- Rs 450

Broiler chicken – Rs 250

Prawn – Rs 400-Rs 600

Crab – Rs 400- Rs 1450

Catla fish – Rs 200

Rohu fish – Rs 180

Pomfret – Rs 1000

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