On National Engineers Day, Vedanta Aluminium’s engineers re-commit to India’s manufacturing excellence

The company is continuously strengthening its pool of engineers via extensive training programs and exposure to world-class technologies

Bhubaneswar,16th September 2023: On the occasion of National Engineers Day, Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest aluminium producer, re-committed itself to nurturing its workforce, comprising thousands of highly skilled engineers in several functions, towards contributing to the rich legacy of Indian engineering. In doing so, the company aims to celebrate their unwavering dedication to driving operational excellence and tech-led innovation within India’s industrial landscape, thereby building the nation into a global manufacturing hub for a plethora of sectors.

Given the size and scale of Vedanta Aluminium’s operations, it is host to several kinds of engineers, including chemical, computer, civil, electrical, mining, safety, and mechanical engineers. A significant part of the company emerging as India’s largest producer of aluminium today can be attributed to this skilled pool of talent, who are at the forefront of product innovation, knowledge-sharing and extensive research and development within the domestic aluminium industry.

Together, they are tasked with overseeing one of the world’s largest aluminium smelting facilities at Jharsuguda and a world-class alumina production facility at Lanjigarh in Odisha, in addition to nurturing BALCO, India’s iconic aluminium producer based in Korba, Chhattisgarh. These responsibilities also include managing one of the largest captive thermal power portfolios in India, with a massive capacity of about 5500 MW of thermal power spread across the country. Vedanta Aluminium advocates non-linear approaches to solving challenges, empowering its engineers to experiment, implement and recalibrate as needed. A spirit of innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship, imbued as part of its core values, is actively encouraged as well.

The deep expertise present at Vedanta’s operations ensures peak performance and the seamless production of high-quality aluminium. By partnering with technology providers from around the globe, and with emerging startups offering innovative new solutions, the company ensures that its employees are continuously upskilled with in-depth knowledge about their domains. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IIoT, and digital twins are just a few of the Industry 4.0 technologies deployed at Vedanta Aluminium’s operations, providing valuable knowledge to its engineering teams and outlining its commitment to resource efficiencies, plant excellence, and seamless asset management.

On the occasion, Mr. Sunil Gupta, COO, Vedanta Ltd. – Aluminium Business, remarked, “Engineers are a key cornerstone of our organisation, and at Vedanta Aluminium, our unwavering commitment is to cultivate an environment that nurtures innovation and empowers them to sculpt the future. We acknowledge the pivotal role engineers play in gainfully utilising the nation’s resources for its unbridled progress.”

Adding his views, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO and Wholetime Director, BALCO, said, “Our exceptional team of engineers are part of the wider community of India’s engineers who have been an integral part of our nation’s technological advancements. Together, we are forging a path towards a brighter future through cutting-edge technology, creating avenues for accelerated development and socio-economic development.

Sharing how the company is building an environment of excellence, Mr. Dilip Sinha, CHRO, Vedanta Ltd. – Aluminium Business, said, “We have created a culture of continuous improvement and training for our employees, ensuring that they have access to the tools and resources to excel. This is achieved through people policies designed to stimulate creative, analytical minds and unleash fantastic outcomes for the employees as well as the organisation.”

As an industry leader, Vedanta Aluminium has curated an environment for its engineers that offers them exceptional learning opportunities and an accelerated path to personal growth. Vedanta Aluminium’s initiatives have contributed to the company and its units being recognized as a ‘Great Place To Work’ several times over, through:

  • Exceptional Leadership Development: The company grooms industry leaders by providing its engineers access to rich job content, empowering them through internal growth workshops and technical training programs.
  • Excellence in Talent Acquisition and Retention: It attracts high-calibre engineering talent from prestigious institutions in India and overseas, in addition to accomplished experts and specialists, by providing them with unparalleled benefits and growth prospects in a technologically advanced environment.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through Technology: The company leverages cutting-edge digital technologies to foster an inclusive environment where engineers, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities to excel in the industry.
  • Sustainability, Technology, and ‘Green Jobs’: Engineers receive regular training in emerging ESG practices. Vedanta Aluminium is at the forefront of industry decarbonization and has pioneered India’s first-ever low carbon ‘green’ aluminium, creating innovative ‘green’ tech jobs that redefine engineering careers.
  • Comprehensive Engineer Well-being Supported by Technology: Vedanta Umang, a digital solution, offers engineers a wealth of technology-supported well-being services. The company’s spousal hiring policy allows engineers to work alongside their spouses, and reside at the company’s employee residential townships.

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