On Utkala Dibasa, Vedanta Aluminium celebrates Odisha’s rich culture & heritage

Felicitates sculptor Padma Vibhushan Shri. Sudarshan Sahoo among others for their services towards community

Bhubaneswar, 5th March, 2023:Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium, celebrated Odisha’s rich culture & heritage on the occasion of the 88thUtkalaDibasa, across its operations in Jharsuguda and Lanjigarh (Kalahandi).In a grand ceremony at its smelter operations in Jharsuguda, the company felicitated two noted personalities, sculptor Padma Vibhushan Shri. Sudarshan Sahoo and Dr. Shankar Ramchandani, popularly known as the ‘One-Rupee Doctor’, for their contributions to Odia culture and service to the community.

Renowned Odia singers, Mr. Abhinash Das and Ms. Lopamudra Das enthralled everyone in attendance with their melodious performance at the event that celebrated the culture of Odisha, including traditional authentic Odia dishes prepared by the Adi-Anadi self-help group.An exhibition of various arts and handicrafts of Odisha was also organized along with competitions of traditional Odia art forms of Jhoti Chita (the drawing of intricate patterns with ground rice slurry), Rangoli & Alpana and Pitha(traditional delicacies made with rice) preparation.

At Vedanta’s Alumina Refinery operations in Lanjigarh, Odisha, the company sponsored a Haat Parikrama rally, wheremembers of the local community performed the traditional Ghumura dance and tribal dances. Additionally, an exhibition of traditional artforms such as Dhokra handicraftsand Saura paintings was also organised to promote the artforms and attract more business for the artists. The exhibition was organised at the weekly market, Haat, which saw participation from over 400 community people. Dhokra is an ancient metalworking artform which has been a part of India’s rich handicraft legacy for nearly 5000 years and dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, while Saura features prominently in the tribal artformsof Odisha and draws inspiration from nature and the artists’ ways of life that includes animals, farmers, elements of nature, gods, etc. The company also hosted an elocution competition, a fancy dress competition on ‘Leaders of Odisha’ and a quiz on the milestones of Odisha for the children of its employees to spread awareness on the state’s rich history and impact on the world.

Wishing the people of Odisha on UtkalaDibasa, Mr. Sunil Gupta, CEO – Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda said, “The 1st of April is a day of remembrance for us at Vedanta Aluminium, as we cherish our association with the state of Odisha over the years. We remain deeply committed to the development of Odisha and its people, through our state-of-the-art aluminium plants which are tools of economic progress and our developmental endeavours in education, healthcare, livelihood, skill development, sports, art & culture. On UtkalaDibasa, we wish the people of Odisha another year of great achievements and unparalleled progress, as we continue working towards the socio-economic development of the state and its citizens.”

Appreciating Vedanta Aluminium’s efforts to strengthen Odia traditions at the grassroots level, Padma Vibhushan Awardee Indian sculpture artist Shri. Sudarshan Sahoo, said,“Vedanta Aluminium has been instrumental in protecting and nurturing the traditional arts and crafts of Odisha. The company’s initiatives have helped in promoting and preserving the unique heritage of the state, which is vital to its identity. I appreciate Vedanta Aluminium’s efforts in promoting the rich cultural legacy of Odisha, and I hope that their commitment towards the development of the state continues to grow stronger with time.”

Speaking about Vedanta Lanjigarh’s efforts to preserve Odisha’s traditional art form, Mr. GG Pal, Dy. CEO – Alumina Business, Vedanta Limited, said,“Vedanta Lanjigarh is proud to be a part of Odisha’s cultural renaissance, which is reflected in our endeavours to promote the beautiful traditional art forms of Dhokra craft and Saura art. Alongside creating opportunities for the state and its people through our manufacturing excellence and expansive supply chains, we are committed to preserving Odisha’s cultural heritage through its artforms. Our endeavours to enable the local artisans’ community through skill development, market linkage and financial support, are helping them earn a better livelihood and keep alive these beautiful artforms for future generations.”

Odisha represents Vedanta Aluminium’s single largest investment anywhere in the world, with a 2 MTPA world-class alumina refinery at Lanjigarh and a 1.8 MTPA mega aluminium smelter at Jharsuguda, making Odisha the ‘Aluminium Capital of India’. Through its expansive operations the company contributes almost 4% to Odisha’s GDP, and through its muti-pronged developmental interventions, the company has connected underserved communities to the socio-economic mainstream. Vedanta Aluminium’s unwavering commitment to the development of Odisha has resulted in significant progress in education, healthcare, livelihood, skill development, sports, art & culture, benefiting over 2.5 lakh individuals in more than 130 villages across Jharsuguda, Sundargarh, Kalahandi, Rayagada, and nearby districts.

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