Outline of current literature…

Writers on the shores of literature When Sri Ganesh is asked about the shape of literature by realizing the dream of a beautiful literature, then only those writers know how many collections of words he opens up the inexhaustible ladder. She begins her writing by keeping an eye on many things like vowels, consonants, syllables, words, grammar, prose poems, mythological legends, old, realistic folk tales. Innumerable accounts are placed on the pages of the literary composers of the universe of literature.
Before writing any related event or subject matter, he should discuss it at least for some time. Tensely observes. Then he defines a topic, using words to write the text.
After the writing is complete, it carefully examines the wrong words and language and sentence grammar. If there is any mistake, he corrects it without wasting time, but if he feels that there is any mistake left in this article, then he takes the help of other great writers and intellectuals because of his linguistic knowledge. It is only after a clean slate of the quality of his writing that the true form of his writing is found and it is considered literary language sound and readable.
Literature is not a small word but it is like a huge botanic tree, one who understands it and makes good use of it is truly a writer and creator of literature.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the type of literary composition today, such as language, vocabulary, subject matter, headings, is completely different. The title and subject are different from the beginning but the ending is in a different direction. Knowledge of language and grammar, prose poetry are different things, all of them are mixed together and mixed together, and the writing is full.

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