Pakistan PM Imran Khan Hints He Won’t Accept Defeat After No-Trust Vote

Imran Khan.(photo:instagram)

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he has changed the game on the no-trust motion against him and the nation will enjoy it on Sunday when the National Assembly (NA) holds a vote on the motion.

However, the Prime Minister also hinted that he will not accept defeat after the no-trust vote, Samaa TV reported.

In an exclusive interview with Samaa TV, Khan announced that the MNAs from his party will attend Sunday session.

His statement about not accepting defeat came on Saturday as he urged his supporters to hold protests.

“I have changed the game. The change is that earlier we had told our people (MNAs) not to go (to the NA on the day of no-trust vote) but now our people will go to the Assembly.

“Most of these people were trapped unwittingly. They didn’t know (the reality). Now, as they come to know, they are contacting us back. That’s why I said that all of you (MNAs) must go. And all of our party will go to the Assembly tomorrow (Sunday).

“Tomorrow the nation will enjoy,” he said, adding that those who have had their ‘achkans’ ready in anticipation of coming to power, will be “shocked”.

Khan said that never in the history of Pakistan a conspiracy was launched to remove the Prime Minister at this scale.

He said that the threat was made at a meeting where Pakistan Ambassador, notetakers, Pakistan’s military attache, US Under Secretary, another person from Washington and American notetakers were present, and the US official said that they were representing the White House and the US official clearly said that the US-Pakistan relations would improve only when Khan is removed, Samaa TV reported.

Khan said that there was no other way out than holding fresh elections because MNAs were sold like “goats”.

He said the establishment should come up with a solution to end the crisis, but at the same time he denied reports that he had earlier requested help from the establishment.

He said it has been proven the no-trust motion against him was conspiracy and there was an attempt to regime change in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said after all this there was no justification for the opposition’s no-trust motion.

Asked if the no-trust motion is passed by a majority vote, will he accept the result and his defeat, Khan said, “You see Imran Khan says that he will fight until the last ball. He will fight. What happens after that the nation will know. I am thinking about winning. I am not accepting defeat.”

He said that all of his planning is focused on winning and he was not thinking about defeat.

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