Professor Sri Ganeshi Lal unveiled an animated artwork named ‘Jai SriJagannath – Ek Rekhakankan

On Tuesday, at Raj Bhavan Bhubaneswar, Professor Sri Ganeshi Lal, the Governor of Odisha, unveiled an animated artwork named ‘Jai Sri Jagannath – Ek Rekhakankan.’ The art form was produced by Kala Khetra, the joint venture of the International Council for Education Employment and Empowerment, and the Institute of Digital Media Technology,
Bhubaneswar. The video showcases the ‘Astothara Satanamabali’ of Lord Jagannath, consisting of 108 different name chants of the Mahaprabhu, which are famous in Odisha and around the world.

  Prof. Sri Lal remarked, “More events like this should come to fruition, and our global deity’s divine culture and history should be propagated worldwide, if like-minded individuals join forces. When executed
properly, this endeavor will foster love, kindness, and compassion, paving the way for the spiritual upliftment of the masses.”

During the opening ceremony, Sri Janardhan Pattajoshi Mohapatra, the head of Chattisha Niyoga and the main Sevak of Sri Jagannath temple, expressed that this initiative is a humble offering to honor Lord Jagannath, through which divine grace and blessings will be bestowed upon all life on earth. Sri Jayanarayan, a frontline Sevak, described
the artwork as inspiring and created for the greater good of society. Sri Shubhabananda Maharaj, the Mahant of Mahiprakash Mutt in Puri, mentioned that not only humans but also stray animals can be saved if they hear the ‘Alokik’ chant, such is the power of the Almighty.

Renowned environmentalist Dr. Dilip Srichandan highly praised the music and videography that amalgamates 34 Beshas (attires) and 108 Names of Sri Jagannath. He stated, “This symbol of harmony transcends religion and is a priceless treasure for both the state and the world.” The event was attended by Odisha’s famous film actor Sabyasachi Mishra, former IAS officer Shri Madhusudan Mishra, Governor’s Senior Public Relations Officer Shri Rakhyak Naik, Director of the International Council for Education, Employment and Empowerment (IC3E.ORG) Shri Pradeep Tripathy, and senior journalist Shri Samarendra Raut. They expressed their joy and shared their plans to organize extensive events to promote Jagannath culture. Prof. Lal strongly advocated for including
our rich heritage in the syllabus of students worldwide, as it is essential for inspiring future generations.

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