Signing of MOU for Oil Palm Development Programme in Odisha

India is dependent on other countries to meet its edible oil requirements and is the largest importer of edible oils in the world. During 2020-21, India imported around 133.50 lakh tonnes of edible oils, out of which, the share of palm oil is about 56%. With the aim of reducing the import of edible oils, the Centrally sponsored scheme NMEO-OP has been launched by Gol. The scheme aims to reduce the import of edible oils by enhancing the edible oilseeds production and oils in the country through area expansion and increase in CPO production. As on date, the State has covered around 19,000 ha. in 15 nos. of districts from 2006-07 onwards with involvement of 6 nos. of Oil palm Companies. Govt. of India has set target of 10,500ha under NMEO-OP from 2021-22 to 2025-26. The State has covered around 950 ha during the last 2 years. This year the State has planned to cover 1100 ha. of Oil Palm plantation on cluster basis under NMEO-OP during 2023-24 and subsequently will cover 5000 ha in the next two financial years.

Directorate of Horticulture is going to sign MOU with 6 new Oil Palm Companies in addition to existing Oil palm companies covering about 20 districts of Odisha. The Oil Palm Companies shall establish seed garden, nurseries of oil palm to meet the requirement of seedling, take up area expansion programme in the allotted districts as well as set up at least one processing unit in each district within the gestation period. Furthermore, the State will ensure provision of fencing to safe guard the plantation, intercropping of different crops like Maize, Millets, Vegetables, Banana and cotton etc., provision of Micro Irrigation to the plantation etc in close coordination with the Oil Palm companies to be engaged for Oil Palm Development Programme.

The farmer beneficiaries of the State will be assisted under the Centrally sponsored scheme NMEO-OP to the extent of Rs 29,000/- per ha during plantation. The harvested Fresh Fruit Bunches will be procured by the Oil Palm companies at the Government Declared price through DBT and will be further assisted through Viable Gap Price in case the formula price is less than the viable price.

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