‘Soil Testing Programme’ for Farmers by Tata Steel Foundation and IFFCO

Bamnipal : A two-day ‘Soil Testing Programme’ for the farmers of Bamnipal region organised by Tata Steel Foundation (TSF), in collaboration with Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative (IFFCO), successfully concluded at Bamnipal Housing Complex of Tata Steel on Wednesday.

The soil testing was conducted through a ‘Mobile Soil Testing Van’ as part of ‘World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought’ celebrations aimed at educating farmers about the impact of soil health on agriculture and sustainable soil management practices.

110 farmers from the two blocks namely, Danagadi and Harichandanpur from Bamnipal region participated in the programme. During the programme, soil health testing was conducted on 110 soil samples from over 500 acres of farmland, and health reports for over 50 samples of soil were distributed to the farmers. Each report was explained in detail, providing the correct dosages of nutrients and fertilizers required for optimal soil health.

The programme focused on creating awareness among farmers on the importance of evaluating the five critical soil health parameters, namely phosphorus (P), potassium (K), pH levels, soil salinity (EC), and organic carbon content. The event included a comprehensive discussion with farmers, field inspections of various croplands, and demonstrations of soil sampling methods. Apart from this, an awareness session was conducted on the benefits of adopting bio-fertilizers.

Furthermore, IFFCO’s ‘Mobile Soil Testing Van’, equipped with an in-built lab, played a vital role in educating the farmers on soil health and conducting on-the-spot analyses for proper demonstration. The workshop concluded with the distribution of soil health cards among the farmers.

Collaborative initiatives such as these, underscore Tata Steel Foundation’s effort towards promoting sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices and enhance the knowledge and productivity of farmers in the region, thereby fortifying livelihoods for the future.

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