Subarnarekha Port facilitates on-the-job training of 21 JNTVTIstudents in Jamshedpur

Baliapal, February 8, 2023: Subarnarekha Port Private Limited (SPPL) has sent the
second batch of trainees consisting of 17 students from J N Tata Vocational Training
Institute (JNTVTI), Baliapal for on-the-job training at Jamshedpur.

All the 17 trainees are local students from the Site Safety Supervisor Course being run
at JNTVTI, Baliapal. These trainees have completed their classroom training and have
will now be attending on-the-job training at Jamshedpur. It must be noted that 16
candidates from the previous batch have completed their training and have already
been successfully placed in jobs at various organisations.

It has been SPPL’s constant endeavour to focus on skill development of local youth for
increasing their employment opportunities. It is with this thought that a centre of
JNTVTI has been opened at Baliapal, with a focus on skill development of the local
population in and around SPPL’s project area.
Subarnarekha Port Private Limited is committed to the overall development of the
community, and is thus implementing programmes & interventions for various
segments of the community.

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