Tata Steel Medica Hospital Successfully Treats critical Patient

First bilateral hand injury due to burns treated in the hospital

Bhubaneswar/Kalinganagar/ Duburi : Tata Steel Medica Hospital, located in Duburi, Jajpur, successfully treated a youth suffering from bilateral hand injury due to burns, a type of injury in which the hand is functionally impaired due to posterior column deficits leading to clumsiness of complex finger movements and loss of manual dexterity.

The 29-year-old patient, Pravat Kumar Singh, suffered from bilateral hand injury due to a fire accident. Following the injury, he was admitted to Tata Steel Medica Hospitals in a critical condition. Initially, he received primary management of burn care, pain control, debridement of dead skin and soft tissues. The patient was treated with regular dressings, dietary supplements, and physiotherapy with the aim of burn care and active movements to avoid any functional loss and disability, said surgeon Dr. Sudhakar Jena, who treated him.

“We were very careful as he suffered from a bilateral injury and was in a critical condition, some parts of his hands were not functioning. We provided all the necessary treatments to ensure his speedy recovery. He was treated for 21 days till his wounds healed and proper functional outcome of all range of motion of affected hands was achieved.’’ he added.

Thanking the Tata Steel Medica team for his speedy recovery, Pravat Kumar Singh said, “I was very scared and unsure about the condition of my hand before I came to Tata Steel Medica Hospital. Thanks to Dr. Sudhakar sir and his team for the treatment. As a result, I could recover so fast.’’

Tata Steel Medica Hospital is fast gaining popularity in Jajpur and neighboring districts due to its highly qualified team for trauma care dealing with Orthopaedics, General Surgery, ENT, Burn Unit, Plastic surgery, and others.

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