Tata Steel Mining in association with GROW with Nature organises a workshop on ‘Birds in Odisha’

Sukinda, November 24, 2022: Considering the importance of birds in the ecosystem and in an effort to raise awareness on the ‘Birds in Odisha’, Tata Steel Mining Limited (TSML) organised a workshop on Birds at it Sukinda Chromite Mine on Wednesday in association with GROW with Nature. The workshop saw enthusiastic participation from various sectors including Government officials and members from the community.

The event was attended by several Government officials including Mr A.T Mishra, Deputy Director General, MoEFCC, IRO and Mr Samyak Samantra, Deputy Conservator of Forest.

During the workshop, presentations were also delivered by Dr Justus Joshua, Founder & Chairman- Green Future Foundation and Ms Gayatri Devi, Founder & Chairman, Grow with Nature which enlightened the audience.

Addressing the audience, Mr A T Mishra said, “Birds hold widespread public interest and are a gateway to increased natural engagement. Because they are sensitive to habitat change and are easy to locate, birds are an important tool for measuring the health of environments.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Pankaj Satija, Managing Director, Tata Steel Mining Limited said, “Birds play an important role in the ecosystem as a food web member, as potential pollinators and bio- indicator species. We are undertaking projects like ‘Bird Niche Nesting’ in consultation with bird experts to conserve and enhance their population in our operational areas”.

Mr Samyak Samantra, Deputy Conservator of Forest said, “With their uniqueness and ecological importance, birds are excellent indicators of the state of our natural world and are our cultural symbols. Bird Conservation is crucial to our existence”.

On the occasion, Dr Justus Joshua said, “Birds are very good ecological indicators. They are in our culture and provide lot of ecological services, like helping in pollination, dispersal of seeds, naturally controlling the population of other smaller animals and natural insect pest controllers. They also help in refreshing the mind”.

Expressing her happiness on organising the programme in association with TSML, Ms Gayatri Devi said, “Birds are indicator of an ecosystem and their presence in our environment gives positivity and helps humans to better connect with nature. Its humans need and responsibility to observe and understand the behavior of birds and protect them”.

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