This festive season promise to value both money and life with DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit

– The popular multi-benefit DCB Suraksha FD is back

How do Banks add flavour and enjoyment during the festive season? DCB Bank has irresistible offers with attractive DCB Fixed Deposit interest rates, and the DCB Suraksha FD. Both these offers enable customers save more and earn more.

DCB Suraksha FD makes a comeback! The reintroduced life insurance plan offered free of cost with the Suraksha FD is an unmatched benefit to customers. DCB Suraksha FD, a fixed 3 year FD scheme that provides an ideal combination of savings and safety for depositors as well as their dependents or loved ones.

The regular Fixed Deposit without the Suraksha insurance is also tempting. The Bank offers an appealing 7.10% per annum interest rate on Fixed Deposit of 700 days or 3 years, that annually yields 7.49% p.a. or 7.84% p.a. respectively. Senior citizens earn 7.60% p.a. for the same duration, and the yields are 8.05% p.a. and 8.45% p.a. respectively.

For a longer tenure of 5 year Fixed Deposit, 7% p.a. for which the annualised yield is 8.43% p.a. % p.a. Senior citizens earn 7.50% p.a. that translates to 9.14% p.a. annualised yield. A 10 year Fixed Deposit is also available!

Attractive benefit – DCB Suraksha has two distinct features that distinguish it as a smart and ‘surakshit’ investment. First, it provides a high-interest rate 7.10% p.a. on a three-year deposit and, second, it offers free life insurance cover either equal to the amount of the Suraksha FD or up to Rupees 10 Lakh if the Suraksha FD amount is greater than Rupees 10 Lakh. The DCB Suraksha FD customer does not pay premium for the insurance cover. Moreover, there is no requirement for medical test to enjoy the life insurance coverage.

Key features of DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit:

  • Attractive interest rate for fixed deposit
  • DCB Suraksha FD offers life insurance cover with a term of 36 months
  • Maximum life insurance cover up to INR 10 Lakh across all DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposits in the name of the primary applicant
  • The insurance cover is valid from 18 years of age till the depositor turns 55
  • Prospective depositors can invest in the FD by providing PAN, nomination, and email ID.

NRIs also do not miss the Suraksha benefit!

Furthermore, the DCB NRI Suraksha Fixed Deposit, provides NRIs with attractive returns as well as free life insurance as per the amount of the fixed deposit.

DCB NRI Suraksha Fixed Deposits are available in Non Resident External (NRE), Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) in Indian Rupees.

NRIs who prefer to book the DCB NRI Suraksha FCNR Deposit may do so using any of these foreign currencies USD, AUD, CAD, EURO, or GBP.

Given DCB Suraksha FD’s stellar reputation amongst customers, the reintroduction of DCB Suraksha FD is an excellent investment option for those who prefer safety and assured returns.

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