TikTok Users Can Now Tag Movies, TV Shows In Videos

San Francisco: Chinese short-form video-making app TikTok has partnered with IMDb, an online database of information related to films, television series and much more, to allow users to tag movies and TV shows in their videos in the US and the UK.

Up to five tags can be included per video and each tag will point to an in-app page that includes details from the film or series, and also some related videos, reports Engadget.

If users choose the ‘movie and TV’ option, they will be able to browse more than 12 million titles that are on IMDb and add the one they are looking for.

This feature is helpful for those users “who share a lot of movie and TV-related posts, as well as those looking for content about their favourite titles,” the report said.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the company had quietly added a ‘video-scrubbing thumbnail’ feature to its platform that allows users to easily find a specific part of a longer video.


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