TPSODL Organizes Menstrual Health Session for School Girls

Berhampur : As part of the ongoing Tata Sustainability Month, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) conducted a special Menstrual Health & Hygiene Session at KC Girls High School, Gosaninuagaon, Berhampur. Over 100 young girls attended this impactful event, learning about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene during menstruation.

TPSODL took a step forward in promoting sustainability by distributing reusable sanitary napkins to the students. These pads, which can be used for over a year, offer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable products.

Mrs. Manju Garg, (Fondly known as Madam CEO), graced the event with her presence. Her inspiring words and insights on menstrual health and hygiene resonated deeply with the students. She addressed the prevalent taboos surrounding menstruation and shared valuable advice on how to overcome them. Her encouragement empowered the girls to take pride in their womanhood and prioritize their health.

The event also saw the active participation of the TPSODL medical team and volunteers, who played a crucial role in educating the students and distributing the reusable sanitary napkins. Their presence ensured that the girls received accurate information and support.

This initiative by TPSODL highlights a crucial aspect of women’s health. It empowers young girls with the knowledge and resources to maintain proper hygiene during their menstrual cycles. The event successfully combined health education with sustainability, making a lasting impact on the students’ lives.

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