TPSODLs Women Technicians ensure error-free metering to consumers

Bhubaneswar, 24th February, 2023: This International Women’s Day the world will commit itself to the theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality emphasising the need for gender-inclusive digital innovation and technology across all sectors. However, at TPSODL DigitAll has been a way of life since its inception in 2021.

Its women technicians are leading the digital and technical revolution in the power distribution space and making a mark in the traditionally male-dominated power sector by ensuring safe, reliable and accurate meters to lacs of consumers through their efforts.

The TPSODL Meter-testing lab at Ambagada, is a centre for ensuring efficient metering through quality electrical testing of meters on different parameters such as meter serial number, creeping, limits of error and voltage variation, etc. This lab is committed to providing quality and reliable meters to consumers through rigorous testing services, performed by women technicians of the company.

The lab is connected to a live-wire on which the meters are checked for stability in the field. It takes around 1 hour and 30 mins to check whether the meter is suitable for consumers’ use. On a monthly basis around 2500-3000 meters are tested under Indian and international standards.

“We test around 300 meters on a daily basis by physically fitting them to the testing system, ‘Zera’ that is operated by a software called WINSAM,” said Vaishali Satapati, AOT, MMG department. She further added, “The meter comes in a dedicated box with a particular serial number. Once the meter is tested, it is packed and sent to the store from where it reaches the consumer.”

“This is a very challenging set-up as we have to work on a live current flow, so we have to be cognizant that we follow all the safety protocols.” said Sushmita Singh, AOT, MMG Department.

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