TPWODL Empowering women weaver SHGs through capacity building and a market-driven training program

Burla\Bargarh, 05.02.2024: TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, has been a leading power distribution company in western Odisha, providing stable, uninterrupted, and quality power supply services as well as being conscious of its corporate social responsibility. As an established corporate house under of Tata’s it has supported 2921 beneficiaries and 85 women self-help groups in Bijepur and Jharaband blocks of Bargarh district through entrepreneurial livelihood projects by carrying out its social responsibility.  

Similarly, to promote local arcticians in our operational area, a 6-day training camp was organized by the CSR function of the company in collaboration with the district handloom and textile department for women SGH weavers in the Barpali area of Bargarh district. Around 80 women from 8 self-help groups participated who are engaged in handloom weaving business. The training camp started in January and it will continue for next two months with training program conducted for 4 to 5 days in every month. In which women weavers were introduced to the basic weaving techniques, designs, and other basic aspects of weaving. The main objective of this training camp was not only to improve the weaving technique and craft of women weavers but also to modernize the old age cottage industry. Also, through this training, the women weavers can reduce the production cost of a handloom saree by at least Rs 800 to Rs 900. Through this training, they will be able to prepare the coloured yarn required for waving the sari by themselves, for which earlier they had to depend on the market or middleman. The training also empowers the weavers to succussed with competitors in a dynamic market, ensuring the sustainability of their heritage and contributing to the overall development of the family and society at large. The new designs and styles will result in diversified product range catering to a larger market.

While explaining the details at this program Er. Gajanan kale, The CEO of the Company TPWODL stated that, the company will continue to focus on overall social development of the area under its various CSR programs. This effort will certainly bring in economic development among the weaver society in Bargarh districts. The contribution of the cottage industry in handicraft and handloom in western Odisha for socio economic development has been always high. Our effort to include women in this journey will further enhance their social economic condition and provide them financial independence. Based on the outcome at this program, the company will certainly intensify and increase the scope to more area in western Odisha under its CSR program in coming days.

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