Visually-impaired runner, Mohammed Asif completes 21 kms at the Mumbai Marathon supported by Blive !

~ Mohammed Asif completed a distance of 21 kms in 3 hours and 18 mins at the Mumbai Marathon held on 15 January 2023, without any physical support ~

~ BLive’s endeavour to sponsor Mohammed Asif is in line with its commitment to holistic sustainable development of the society through inclusivity and support of all individuals sans any bias ~

Mumbai, 30th January 2023: Diversity and inclusion play a substantial role in multicultural initiatives to protect the environment. Acknowledging this, BLive – India’s fastest-growing multi-brand electric vehicle platform, displayed yet another example of its commitment to sustainable development of the society, by sponsoring Mohammed Asif to complete 21 kms in 3 hours and 18 mins at the TATA Mumbai Marathon without any physical support. The TATA Mumbai Marathon was held on Sunday, 15th January 2023. In the past as well, BLive has endeavoured to take the community along, through beach cleanups, tree plantation drives, and supporting NoMoZos (No Motor Zones).

Samarth Kholkar, CEO & Co-Founder, BLive, said, “When discussing sustainability, most people tend to focus more on environmental or economic issues and overlook the third tier. BLive believes that inclusivity and support to every individual regardless of any bias is important for overall sustainable development of our society. Asif for us is an icon and inspiration whose story needs to be heard by the world. Overcoming his own challenges, he has, just like BLive, questioned the status quo. His attempt at the recently concluded Mumbai Marathon is not just a physical effort but a tremendous display of grit and determination. Through our little support, we hope that many get inspired motivated to push their boundaries and achieve the impossible. At BLive, we are a bunch of believers, who truly feel we can make the world a greener and cleaner place. In Asif, we see another believer who believes he can go beyond the ordinary and be an inspiration for many more.”

Commenting on his experience at the Mumbai Marathon, Mohammed Asif said, “I am extremely grateful to BLive for sponsoring me in this endeavour. I promote sustainability just like Blive and through this partnership I would like to set an example for millions of people with physical challenges, worldwide. We are doing our bit in inspiring others like me, and show them that no obstacle is big enough, no milestone far enough.”

BLive acknowledges that a key feature of sustainability is including diverse communities and the unique voices they represent and support. BLive’s initiatives are aimed at realising a better world, by engaging diverse peoples outside their niche to bridge gaps, broaden positive influence and reach, and bring in new strategies and perspectives.

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