Whose interest is the Khurda Mohostav

Khurda: 17/12 (Prabaha News) under the aegis of new thinking forum, a voluntary organization, at the local Haveli ground
On the first evening, it was inaugurated by His Excellency The Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Biswabhusan Harichandan. But with thousands of visitors from around Khurda gathering here, there have been lapses in the arrangements meant for their safety

From Ramdoli to Maut Ka Kuan and many games have been arranged inside the ground, but keeping in mind the safety of the spectators, the festival committee has not made any such eye-catching arrangements and the owners of various food stalls inside the ground are also giving stale food to the customers and ignoring their safety as well as the safety of the customers. Barring one or two stalls, all other shops were found to be using domestic gas cylinders. At the same time, they don’t have fire extinguishers or any system to protect the food from dust. However, the district supply department does not have any information about this, nor is the supply department keeping its eyes closed despite knowing everything? Who will be held responsible if a fire engine parked on the ground by the fire department is capable of providing protection if an accident occurs when shopkeepers are using domestic gas. While the district administration was seen checking the food of the shopkeepers every day during the Baliyatra in Cuttack, not a single official of the supply department was seen at the Khurda Festival. While the shopkeepers are running their own arbitrary work, there is now a question mark over the safety of the customers.

Similarly, parking arrangements have been made to keep vehicles in the nearby places of Haveli Ground, such as Thengahat Fair Ground, the ground in front of the Women’s College and the open ground at Nabinabagh and Damsahi, in view of the gathering of visitors coming to visit the festival,However, after the evening, the youths engaged in the parking duties blocked the main road connecting Thengahat to the Palla new bus stand via Nabinabagh and stopped the vehicles of the local residents and passengers going for their work and forced them to keep the vehicles in the parking lot, However, who has allowed the youth in charge of this parking to block the main road for the purpose of commuting? In any case, the festival committee is not involved in it, but that too is now in doubt. Apart from the entrance gate of the festival, no personnel have been deployed on this road by the police for the convenience of the passengers, due to which the youth engaged in parking duties are seen to be carrying out their arbitrary work. However, when asked about this, we have given one lakh thirty thousand rupees to the festival committee for the illumination from Thengahat to the new bus stand, then how will we compensate it. While the local public has expressed their displeasure over such mismanagement of the festival committee, the district administration has urged it to look into it.

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