World IVF Day 2022

KIMS Centre for Reproductive Medicine Brings the joys of parenting to couples with infertility issues

Bhubaneswar, July 25: World IVF Day is celebrated all over the globe on July 25 to mark the birth of the world’s first test tube baby Louise Brown in 1978.  In vitro fertilization or IVF has given a ray of hope for childless couples since the birth of Louise as the journey continued with many inventions and advancements to increase the success rates. As infertility is not a disease per se, but a social stigma that the couple especially the female partner, has to live through IVF is a boon for them.

Making use of the available world-class technologies in its stride, the IVF center at city-based Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), called Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRM), was started in 2017 with a vision set by KIIT founder Dr Achyuta Samanta to have the best technologically advanced IVF laboratory. It has so far produced more than 500 test tube babies and brought joy to parents, who face difficulties in attaining pregnancies.

Chief Consultant at CRM in KIMS, Dr Mousumi Acharya, trained in CMC Vellore, feels that IVF procedures are helpful for couples with male and female infertility causes with the highest success rate among all infertility treatment procedures. The procedure is very safe with minimum side effects and is budget-friendly. One-to-one counseling, a state-of-art laboratory with ethical treatment is a salient feature of the Centre.


The IVF center at KIMS uses Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) to help childless couples get the happiness of parenthood.  A dedicated team of doctors, IVF technicians and embryologists work tirelessly to achieve success, which is around 65 percent.

In fact, couples suffering from various infertility conditions are unable to achieve the natural fertilization process either due to some physical, hormonal and physiological issues, but through the IVF process they are getting the necessary assistance and bear the fruit of success and they could become proud parents.

Prof Dr Jyochnamayee Panda, HoD of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at KIMS adds “through our full-fledged IVF center we bring smiles over the faces of the expectant parents and this inspires us to deliver better through technology innovations in the medical sector.’’

Senior Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at KIMS Dr Sudhanshu Kumar Rath opines “millions of children have already been born through IVF methods and it has come as a boon to the infertility issues.

KIMS faculties in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology provide dedicated obstetrics care to all IVF concepts to increase the live birth rate. Thus, earlier consultation and timely treatment will definitely decrease the psychological stress and treatment costs for the infertile couple. Infertility is never by choice so it should not be considered a disease.

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