World Standards Day: Vedanta Aluminium recommits to delivering superior product quality and excellence

The company’s expansive product range is certified for high quality and sustainability standards

Bhubaneswar, 13thOctober 2023: On the occasion of World Standards Day, Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium,reaffirms its dedicationto bolstering the quality and sustainability standards of its extensive product range.The company is the first in the Indian aluminium industry to secure the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for several of its aluminium products as per the available BIS quality standards. On the occasion, the company also actively participatedinawarenessevents organised by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), emphasising the importance of high-quality standards in ensuring business excellence and success.

With the theme of the occasion this year being ‘Shared Vision for a Better world’ aligningclosely with UN Sustainable Development Goal 3- ‘Good Health and Well Being’, the World Standards Day envisions a better, fairer, and more sustainable world prioritizing the well-being and health of all. By consistently enhancing product excellence, Vedanta Aluminium is empowering customers to create sustainable, innovative, cutting-edge technological solutions to cater to the evolving demands in sectors like aerospace, infrastructure, automotive, electrical, and packaging, as well as sunrise sectors such as hi-tech manufacturing, renewable energy, battery technologies, electric vehicles, and more.

The company has achieved several certifications from prestigious organisations globally for developing superior products in every aspect.The Bureau of Indian Standards, the apex domestic body tasked with defining quality standards across industry sectors, issues the BIS Standard Mark after a rigorous assessment. Vedanta Aluminium has 15 BIS certifications for its products like wire rods, a range of ingots,cast barsand rolled products(sheet, plate-conductors and plate-general engineering). The company is also actively collaborating with BIS to develop standards for other aluminium products and industrial raw materials for which appropriate quality standards do not exist currently, with a view to elevate the entire aluminium ecosystem in the nation.

Its products are also verified by Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) International for demonstrating high sustainability standards, including billets, primary foundry alloys (PFA), wire rods and all categories of ingots.These products underwenta completeLife Cycle Assessment (LCA), performing well on the parameters of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and waste generation. This achievement serves as a testament to the company’s advanced manufacturing practices and innovative environmental efforts, ensuring sustainability throughout the entire aluminium value chain, from suppliers to customers.Additionally, the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), has also certified the company’s plant at Jharsuguda, Odisha for showcasing high sustainability performance, a coveted indicator of sustainability worldwide.

On the occasion, Mr. John Slaven, CEO, Vedanta Aluminium said, “Aluminium stands at the forefront of a high-tech, low-carbon future, offering boundless possibilities in clean energy solutions, mobility, advanced manufacturing, sustainable packaging, and beyond.Vedanta Aluminium has established robust standards to consistently bolster product excellence and innovation. The prestigious certifications awarded to our products based on voluntary assessmentshighlightour association with uncompromising quality and sustainability standards, and these advantages are readily extended to our end consumers to benefit from. As India strides ahead on the path to global manufacturing excellence, we take pride in being a leading contributorto the nation’s manufacturing prowess and encourage our partners across the value chain to promote quality products by also adopting BIS standards for their products and raw materials.”

Vedanta Aluminium’s product design and innovation strategy is firmly rooted in a customer-centric approach.In addition to providing a high-quality product range, the company works closely with its customers, fostering smooth downstream processing and sharing technical expertise with industry leaders. With its engineering prowess, deep R&D capabilities, vibrant innovation cell, Centre of Quality Excellence and Customer Technical Service (CTS) function, the company is well-resourced to meet the emerging demands of its global customer base, which spans nearly 50+ countries at present.

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