A fire broke out in the garden of Horticulture Department

Koksara: On Monday, the fire spread in the garden due to someone setting fire in the premises of Koksara Horticulture Department office. The fire broke out after the people working there alerted the Koksara fire brigade. About 200 trees such as pomegranate, berkoli, jamu koli etc. have been destroyed due to the fire. Oasi Prashant Bagh of Koksara Fire Department, Staff Girhari Daddaneshan, Firemen Manoj Biswal, Basudeb Bhoi, Satyam Majhi, Radheshyam Pradhani are the main involved in the fire fighting while local Nilu Chhatriya, Tussiram Pod, Dumru Dhar Nial and women working in the garden are helping to put out the fire. did.

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