Rainya’s marathon election campaign in Bandalo, Kundal, Arkhpur


Chandi Khol: As the next general election approaches, the political heat is showing. In terms of campaigning, BJP and BJJ are leading while Congress is lagging behind. Kundla also intensified campaigning in Arkhpur village retreat. After reaching the rain village, the workers will welcome them by lighting firecrackers and standing on both sides of the road. President Arvind Samal, Mihir Swain, District BJD Vice President Amar Mohanty, Debranjan Swain, Chaudhuri Karthik Chandra Swain, Prafulla Kumar Samal, Rasindhu Maharana, Ananta Das, Antazen Nihar Ranj Misran, Rabindra Samal, Srikanth Paul, Hurshikesh Samal, Fakir Raut, Shashibhushan Behera. , Khageshwar Raut, Radhanath Raut, Sanjay Singh led the major roadshow.

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