Congress is becoming stronger in Simulama

Kheira : Almost every day in Baleshwar District Simulal Constituency, a large number of workers from various parties are leaving the party and joining the Congress party. In order to increase the strength of the Congress, on Saturday evening, more than 30 youth Congress candidates of Chandimata Youth Association of Kandra Gadia Village of Sarkona Panchayat Kandra block, Kheira, attacked Himanshu Shekhar Behera. Expressing confidence, Kheira came to the office and joined the Congress party. At this time, Kupari Zone President Sanjay Dalei, Simulwa Constituency Youth President Niranjan Parida, Biswajit Raul, Prafulla Balbantaray were the main attendees or any of the other candidates who are going to compete in the opinion of the youth who participated. Having already lost the trust of the voters, he said that he is confident that only the young leader Himshanshu will stand by him who is foreigner from other blocks.

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