Kalinga Literary Festival Relaunches Monthly Community Literary Event “KLF Corner”

Bhubaneswar, India – April 27, 2024 – Kalinga Literary Festival, in collaboration with Oxford Bookstore Bhubaneswar, proudly unveiled the rejuvenation of its monthly community literary event with an electrifying book launch of Novoneel Chakraborty’s latest masterpiece, “The Heartbreak Club,” published by Westland Books.

The event, held at Oxford Bookstore Bhubaneswar, saw an enthusiastic gathering of literary enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the opportunity to engage with one of India’s foremost thriller authors. Novoneel Chakraborty, renowned for his gripping narratives and captivating storytelling, delighted the audience with insights into his creative process and the inspiration behind his compelling characters and settings.

Sharing his insights and happiness, Shri Rashmi Ranjan Parida, the Founder & Director of Kalinga Literary Festival said, “KLF Corner, in collaboration with Oxford Bookstore, embarks on a journey to rekindle the essence of literary dialogue within our community. Originally launched in 2019, the initiative was paused by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with the resounding book launch of ‘The Heartbreak Club’ by Novoneel Chakraborty, KLF Corner proudly recommits to nurturing the literary spirit. In partnership with esteemed publishers like Penguin India, Harper Collins India, Westland Books, Bloomsbury, Rupa, and more, we aspire to curate enriching experiences that celebrate the power of words and ideas.”

Speaking to a captivated audience, Novoneel shared, “In that crowd, my thrillers worked because it was different. Any memorable piece of art is about the character, not the plot. It’s not about the person but about the journey you make.” His profound reflections on the essence of storytelling resonated deeply with attendees, sparking lively discussions and introspection.

The evening continued with an illuminating discussion and Q&A session moderated by Panchami Manoo Ukil, educator and VC of DN Wisdom Tree Global School, Bhubaneswar. Novoneel’s insights into writing, creativity, and the intricacies of crafting a thrilling narrative captivated the audience, leaving them inspired and enlightened.

Reflecting on his writing journey, Novoneel remarked, “Female lead started off with my first book, and I believe I wrote better that way. In my life, I am surrounded by strong women. More than writer’s block, sometimes you don’t know what to do with the story. That time, step back and let the channels open up.” His commitment to authenticity and his ability to draw inspiration from personal experiences resonated deeply with the audience, fostering a sense of connection and empathy.

The highlight of the event was the book signing session, where Novoneel graciously interacted with fans, signing copies of “The Heartbreak Club” and exchanging anecdotes and experiences. The palpable excitement and energy in the room were a testament to the enduring appeal of literature and the power of storytelling to unite and inspire.

Novoneel Chakraborty’s words of encouragement to aspiring writers resonated with the audience, as he shared, “One who wants to get into being published, don’t overthink. Being an artist is about public consumption.”

Debamitra Mishra (Festival Coordinator, Kalinga Literary Festival), Ved Prakash Nayak (Member, Kalinga Literary Festival), Jagadish Behera (Store Manager, Oxford Bookstore Bhubaneswar) organised the event of the evening.

As Kalinga Literary Festival and Oxford Bookstore Bhubaneswar continue their commitment to fostering a vibrant literary community, events like these serve as catalysts for nurturing a love for reading and storytelling among audiences of all ages.

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