“New engine running in the state”

Nuapada( prabahatv) : 5T Chairman Karthik Pandian visited Nuapada. Met the people and received the letter of complaint. During this visit, various communities have also extended their welcome by giving flower garlands. Addressing a public meeting organized in Nuapada, 5T chairman said, “Only Naveen engine will run in Odisha.” Naveen Engine has been running in the state for 24 years and will continue to run. Neighboring Chhattisgarh had double engine, became single engine. Now another engine has arrived. If the double engine is working well then Gote asked why the engine stopped.
In 2019, BJ candidate Rajendra Dholkia of Nuapada was elected as MLA but BJP candidate was elected as MP. The people of Nupada did not see him for five years. If there is employment problem in Nuapada then why MP did not set up skill development center in Nuapada. Similarly, the national highway connecting Nuapada-Bhavanipatna is still open. The state government is working on Biju Expressway. This proves that the MP elected in 2019 has not done any work for the development of new fabric. But the BJJ government, accountable to the people, has always given importance to the development of new fabrics.

On this occasion, the 5T chairman also gave an account of whether the Chief Minister has taken action on the petitions received during his visit to Nuapada last May. All the problems related to schools, colleges, legal proceedings have been resolved. Nuapada Constituency alone has been sanctioned for Rs 131 crore projects. 4 crores have been provided for the conversion of Patora Yogeshwari Temple while the development project of Sunde Temple has also been approved. Along with this, Sunabedha road work has started. He said that the work will be completed within six months.

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